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The All-New MomBiz™Academy

The “MBA” for MomBiz™ Owners

Dear Mom:

We understand your desire to run your own business and enjoy all the freedom, flexibility and fulfillment that accompanies that. We also know that you want to do all of this without compromising your dedication to your family. And we know you probably started your business without the knowledge, resources, expertise and experience you need to be successful at it.

That’s why we created the MomBiz™Academy, for MomBiz™ owners like you who want mentoring and coaching that fits into a mom entrepreneur budget.

We know how isolating being a MomBiz™ owner can be. We know you have a million questions and don’t know who to ask for the answers. And it can be so hard knowing how to make the right decisions that keep your values and priorities in tact while keeping your business on track to meet your goals.

We have learned the lessons we teach.

Collectively, we have six children aged ten and under who are the light of our lives. We value our marriages and focus on what it takes to keep them healthy. And our businesses are our passion–the things we can’t NOT do because it fills our souls. But when we started out, we knew nothing about running a business, planning and development, marketing and strategy and all those other business processes we must understand to be successful business owners.

We really want you to achieve success as you define it for yourself. We know that’s a very personal definition, depending on your unique values, priorities and goals. But it probably includes having:

  • more time
  • more clients
  • more income
  • more productivity
  • more balance
  • and more sanity!

But there are some nuts and bolts that go into building a sustainable mom entrepreneur business.

In the All-New MomBiz™Academy, the “MBA” for MomBiz™ Owners, you will:

  • Study the 9 critical trainings at your own pace delivered to your inbox every Monday morning (and listen to them back at a later date as they are YOURS to keep!)
  • Get coaching, consulting and mentoring from two of the most well-known and revered leaders in the industry every week
  • Be matched with a small pod of women (3-4 others) who share your level of experience, your challenges, and your goals
  • Declare your goal for the end of the program and be held accountable by your MBA pod with weekly check-ins
  • Connect with the community of MomBiz™ owners who know you, get you, and want to see you succeed!

Ready to get started? Click join now below!

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Don’t Just Think It – DO It!

It feels so good to get what you want.

You want to grow your business without sacrificing your commitment to your family. You’re doing all you know how to do, and you’re doing it mostly by yourself.

You’re ready to get the knowledge, the support and the accountability you need to get what you want.

And it’s a proven fact that you’re much more likely to succeed if you declare a specific goal, give it a deadline, and then share that goal with a group of people who will keep you accountable to yourself.

Without that accountability, you will get distracted by all your other responsibilities, despite your best efforts to learn all you need to know and work as hard and as fast as you can. You will forget those goals when you get overwhelmed, or you’ll just give up because you don’t have the support you need to keep going.

That’s totally normal. But it’s a waste of your time, money and energy.

We know you don’t have time to waste. We get how important your business is to you and your family. We are your champions.


The “MBA” for MomBiz™ Owners



When You Join Us in the 8-Week “MBA”, You’ll Receive These Benefits!


Your investment also includes access to these tools:

  • Trainings
  • Worksheets
  • Coaching Calls
  • Accountability Calls
  • Video Chats
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • Recommended Reading
  • Facebook Community
  • And, you have the option of adding on weekly accountability and even monthly private coaching for the rest of the year!


We Have Literally Walked
a Mile in YOUR Shoes

Shelagh Cummins and Lara Galloway
Co-founders, and Leaders of the MomBiz™Academy

Lara’s Story: I started my business based on my passion, but I didn’t know a thing about running a business. I was trying to work whenever I thought the kids didn’t need me, when I could sneak away or while they were asleep. My family started getting frustrated that I was always multitasking, never giving them the focus they wanted and deserved.

But little by little I learned how to build a website, how to market myself online, how to find my target audience and get engaged with them, how to attract ideal clients to me, how to set fees I was happy to earn, how to work only during set office hours, how to get my family’s support of me and my business, how to quit when the kids came home and how to get a healthy dinner on the table just about every night at 6. I have achieved the success I wanted as a mom and as a business owner, and I want to teach you some short cuts so you can do the same!

Shelagh’s Story: I am like you. I crave flexibility so I can spend as much time with my kids as possible – yet still contribute to the financial needs of my family. My journey has not always been smooth – there have been mistakes, some very costly, and some major successes. My learning along the way has been invaluable – and I want to share it so you won’t make the same mistakes I did. Time and money are your two most valuable assets – there is not a MomBiz™ owner out there who can afford to waste either. That’s why we have created the MomBiz™Academy.

While on maternity leave with my first child, I became an associate at a national training company specializing in content creation, course development, and facilitation. I noticed there was a need for such training in the female entrepreneur community, particularly the MomBiz™ Community. I love to design, and deliver curriculums, intensive trainings and consult for women who are ready to expand their business beyond themselves.

Joining forces with Lara has been the most amazing part of my journey so far. Together we provide powerful content – from a training and coaching angle designed to help you run both a successful business and family. We live what we preach. We get you. We can help you.


What Sets Us Apart

We are all moms who own businesses. We are all juggling the demands that raising a healthy, happy family while running a successful, fulfilling business place on us. We don’t ask you to put your priorities at risk for the sake of a purely financial goal, because we know that success means more than money to you.

Our philosophy at MomBiz™ is to create sustainable, successful businesses that satisfy our souls.

We hold high standards for work/life balance. We integrate our business goals into our lifestyle goals, so that one complements (rather than sabotages) the other. We do wellness. We do spirituality. We do sales goals. We do marketing strategy. We do “me time.” That’s all part of our success plan. You can count on your coach and your mentor (as well as your accountability pod) to make sure that your goals support your whole life.

You get to show up and be a leader. You get to help another MomBiz™ owner stick to her plans. You get feedback on your strengths and style so you can always improve and get past your own blind spots.


Is the MomBiz™Academy Right for Me?


device-mockupThat depends.

  • Have you been in business for at least a year?
  • Are you ready to be in a committed relationship?
  • Can you devote the next three months to working ON your business rather than just IN it?
  • Are you finished with missing deadlines and allowing excuses for not getting what you want?
  • Are you open to changing the way you think and hearing what others see is possible for you?
  • Are you finished trying to do it all yourself and pretending that you already know everything?

Awesome. Sign up.

We need you, and you need us. We’ll help you grow this business and manage your family in a way that blows your mind. Who knew this was possible?

If you haven’t been in business for at least a year, it’s best for you to get a little more experience under your belt before you join the MBA. Private coaching with Lara or consulting with Shelagh could help get you where you need to be.

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How Much Does is it Cost?

Many programs like the MBA charge anywhere from $2,000-$10,000 for this type of intimate, goal-oriented business program. We’ve created the MBA to give you quality business training, amazing support, and access to an international community of mompreneurs for less than the cost of your daily latte!


What is the Cost to a Mom Entrepreneur
Who Doesn’t Focus on Herself and Her Business?

Several of our clients hired us when they realized they had no idea where to find enough clients to meet their income goals each month.

They knew they were great at doing what they do, but they were really struggling finding people to hire them (and pay them).

For example, one of our mompreneurs needed to make $3,000/month to meet her family’s financial goals. When we began working together, she was only bringing in around $1,500/month consistently. This left her needing $1,500/month – income that she had no idea where she’d find.

Month after month, she worked as hard as she could trying to find new clients or come up with new ways to make money. She was seriously considering going back to work for another company and giving up on her dream to make her own business successful.

Think about it: Month after month of NOT earning the additional $1,500/month she needed, plus the stress of working so hard but not getting the results she wanted, plus the issues it caused in her family since she had agreed to bring in a certain amount of money but was unable to do it, plus the possibility of giving up on her dream to have a successful business she created…

What would you say that cost her?

It adds up to thousands of dollars each month that mompreneurs don’t earn because they don’t know how to give their prospects and clients exactly what they need, nor how to consistently attract more and more of those ideal prospects and clients to them so that they can grow and prosper.

Isn’t it time you turned the business you have into the business you (and your family) love?

Let’s DO This! I’m Ready to Become a
Part of MomBiz™Academy & Join a
Community of Amazing Biz Mommas

Our next program starts in June 2, 2014!


To recap: the MomBiz™Academy is an 8 week course. Every Monday, the training will be delivered directly to your inbox for you
to watch, and implement. Every Tuessday, at 1:30PM ET, is the live Q & A Coaching call with Lara and Shelagh.

On top of the weekly training, there is also ongoing support in the private Facebook group and, to keep accountability high, you will be put into accountability pods with other members of the MomBiz™Academy.

Ready? Let’s go!



Interested in an investment plan? Click here to see our options to make becoming a member even easier!

Our MBA Alumni Have Achieved Incredible Results!



“They Get You to Open Up and Really Look Inside”

Lara and Shelagh rock with their insights, information and one-on-one connections.

They get you to open up and really look inside… getting honest and owning it. ~ Julie Bird Simmonds


# # #

“Her Practical Approach Helped Me to Figure Out What My Target Market Needs Most From Me”

Before working with Lara, I was feeling frustrated and discouraged with the pace of growth in my business. In just a few minutes, Lara helped me discover an ideal approach that suited my expertise and my passion for working with mompreneurs and their families. With some simple yet very powerful tools, Lara guided me to understand better how to market to this group effectively. Her practical approach helped me figure out what my target market needs most from me and how to tailor my services to satisfy their needs. ~ Sandra Huber, The Soulful Parent



# # #

# # #

“She Did Not Let Me Play Small or Sell Out on Myself”

I decided to sign up with Lara because I felt stuck and directionless in terms of where and how I wanted to take my business. I know I’m doing what I love but I needed a new business model. I’d spent months scheming up different components and things I’d like to do but had no clarity around the “bigger picture” and how everything fit in. I knew that I needed to take some big steps and I didn’t want to start the new year without a clear vision, plan and concrete to-do steps; I was ready for action. What I really wanted to get from my conversation with Lara was validation that I was in fact on the right track and based on her experience could/will have a profitable business while still being a hands on mom to my 2.5 yr old and 6 mo old.

I walked away from my call with Lara feeling inspired, empowered and confident. She did not let me play small or sell out on my self, in fact she called me out of my safe little “do nothing” space and encouraged me to go for the big thing and to trust that I had what it takes to achieve it. In fact it was during this call that I outlined my signature program. This is something I thought would be years down the road and now I’m taking the steps to make it a reality for this year.

If you are confused about what you’re doing, where your business is going, or feel like you need a better business model to help you achieve more financial prosperity then you need to call Lara. She’s a mom and a very successful business woman and she gets it. She truly has a gift at being able to see the bigger picture for yourself and your business and will help you define the steps you need to take to get you there. She has many tools in her tool kit and I can guarantee you’ll walk away knowing exactly what you need to do next. ~ Jennifer Powter,

# # #

“Many Coaches Charge Thousands for the Tips You’ve Delivered in Just a Few Minutes”

I just HAD to write back to you after watching your videos. You are so full of wonderful information, delivered in an easy to follow and sensible format. I applaud you for your tips and helpfulness.

Many coaches charge thousands for the tips you’ve delivered in just a few minutes. I just love how the videos give us a chance to see how warm and helpful you are. I am inspired by you and just had to share. Thank you! ~ Lori Bergvall, Your Family Guru

# # #

# # #

“In a Short 3 Months, I Have Accomplished More Than I Ever Believe I Could Have on My Own!”

In a short 3 months I have accomplished more than ever believe I could have on my own! My business has a name, a voice, a mission and purpose and I also have clients and am well on my way to making all my business dreams come true!

There is no doubt in my mind that I never would have been able to create this without Lara. Each step along the way she has offered her honest, sincere and expert advice. Lara helped me not only create a fantastic business that I can be proud of, but keep the necessary balance for my family as well, never letting me forget I’m a Mom first, and how to carve out the boundaries so both can co-exist. ~ Melissa Dery, The Golden Rule VA

# # #

Join the MomBiz™Academy now and figure out what you need to grow your business, find ideal clients, make more money and have more time to enjoy the thing you care about most: your family!

We look forward to meeting you!


Shelagh Cummins and Lara Galloway
and Leaders of the MomBiz™Academy

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